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Bear Grillz Brand Development

Bear Grillz is a Waterford-based artisanal burger truck with a passion for street food.

Max approached us to develop a logo that would be easily identifiable and fitted the trendy nature of the street food truck which is now a staple at local food markets and music festivals. Max came to us with a clear vision in mind, he wanted a bear riding a bike, and wearing a chef’s hat, all drawn in a realistic “artsy sketch” style. He wanted this to be printable onto a food catering unit, as well as merchandise, leaflets and handouts.

Developing the concept

A professional logo design process consists of first understanding the clients’ goals, developing concepts and iterating a suitable solution. Then it’s signing off on the visual concept, digitising the sketch and refining the design further before it’s tested for readability.

The final logo is delivered as a digital logo package folder containing various configurations and brand colours to suit any future design situation.

Branding the bear

One challenge with developing a brand identity system for
Bear Grillz was how to extend Max’s vision and visual style to all promotional communications. This was achieved by using various brush and textural styles to unify the identity and sustain consistency across all multiple formats including; menus, apparel, large format banners and digital media.

Close collaboration

Our approach was to collaborate closely with Max on all aspects of the brand identity, this extended into crafting an engaging promotional video for his social media network.

The video showcases the process of Max meeting our team, presenting his own creative ideas and working with our in-house graphic designer to convert those ideas into tangible designs and graphics.

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