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Branding goes beyond the logo design, brochure or website; it’s a process that addresses the big ideas of successfully communicating a company’s unique message.

A logo is not a brand

A logo’s primary job is to identify not describe. The brand is the promise, reputation and big idea. It’s a highly-valuable asset that when executed correctly helps to engage target markets and facilitates growth.

As consumers, we respond to brands with loyalty or we reject them completely. Generally, people associate brands with reliability, this serves to deliver on the promise of a consistent standard of service or quality product.

Clear visual communication across all touch-points serves to reinforce the brand while allowing the consumer to feel comfortable in making more informed decisions.

How we work

Over the years, we’ve developed our own approach to the identity design process which results in clean, stand-out visuals.

As a collaborative studio, we require involvement from our clients so we can best align their vision and better help their business.

We develop comprehensive brand style guides that help companies to retain consistency and sustain brand integrity.


Design visual elements that appeal to a particular sector or target audience.

Identity system

Containing artwork designs for all visual touch-points decided upon by the client.

Brand application

Creating design solutions for packaging, marketing and promotional collateral.

Communication style guide

The brand roadmap, a usage booklet outlining how to apply brand elements.

Research & analysis

All creative design is informed by research, then performance tested for functionality.

Internal communication

Internal corporate identity systems are the trademark of any professional company.

You can’t design a brand

You can’t design a brand any more than you can force a person to trust it. In an oversaturated world of messaging, reputation is very important and trust is king.

When consumer expectation is surpassed, they’re much more likely to return. This is the goal of successful brand strategy.