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Software Development

Our software development team leverage the latest advancements in technology with cutting edge design to generate well-rounded engaging experiences.

Development Specialists

We’ve been at this a while now, over a decade. During this time, we have established a team of industry experts in the South East of Ireland capable of providing you with a complete “Innovation-as-a-service” offering.

On this page, you will find a short synopsis of our service offering. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to know more about how we can get your project off the ground.

Web Design

At brightlight, we’re very passionate about great design and natural’ functionality. Whether it’s a bespoke website, mobile or desktop application, we feel it should be beautiful to look at and intuitive to use. That’s why every project that comes through our door is meticulously designed to ensure that it meets these two very simple principles. This is overseen by an assigned project lead that will remain in communication with you both during and after the project; ensuring that our services exceed your expectations.

All of our websites are developed for “mobile-first” ensuring that they look great on any sized screen or resolution. We also thoroughly optimise your site to maximise Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Web Hosting

All websites hosted by brightlight reside on a dedicated Virtual Private Server within the Amazon AWS infrastructure with advanced optimisation ensuring the fastest speeds attainable for your website.

Experience the highest possible performance and reliability whilst also availing of our cPanel site management service allowing you to manage and maintain your own site easily and quickly. brightlight also offers on-premises installation and support of intranet applications or web services via remote management.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers an unprecedented amount of service to businesses of all sizes on a “Pay-as-you-go” or “reserved” pricing model; giving access to services that would otherwise be outside of the reach of many businesses. Now businesses can rent a satellite, deploy an entire cluster of servers around the world in minutes or use Amazon AWS AI & Machine Learning tools very quickly, easily and affordably.

With Amazon AWS Elastic Computing services, you can rapidly scale up or scale down your services to suit your needs. Your environment can even be set up to automatically scale up or down based on the demand for your service. This “elasticity” combined with availability separates Amazon as the king of cloud computing. At brightlight, we have AWS specialists that can help you plan out your architecture and set up and deploy your virtual private infrastructure all in the cloud quickly.

Web Application

Web applications are Internet-based software applications that provide users with controlled access to your application via a web browser or platform. Web applications provide the same functionality (and more) than desktop applications whilst making them more accessible with the use of popular web technologies such as PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

At brightlight, we specialise in the design and development of advanced web applications, using popular PHP frameworks such as Laravel and CodeIgniter. Utilising such features as ‘Multi-tenancy’ and ‘Roles & Permissions’, we are able to develop applications for use within organisations to tailor for bespoke requirements.

Mobile Application

We will help you design, develop and grow your mobile application (app) for your business. Our in-house UI and UX designers will storyboard your idea into a rapid prototype which will be made available to you at a very early stage. From there, the app will move into active development where our in-house application specialists will complete agile sprints of your application providing you with feedback right up until completion.

Your mobile application can be developed for Android, iOS or both. As we utilise the latest technologies in mobile app development, we can develop your app using a cross-platform approach which greatly reduces the time (and cost) whilst harnessing all of the native features of each respective platform.

UI/UX Design

User Experience design and User Interface Design are the foundation of all good web design. Both work closely together to keep websites and apps engaging, understandable and pleasant on the eye. Despite being tied together, both are hugely unique from one another.

Where UI lays more on the creative side, dealing with the graphical elements, colour and overall style, you will find that UX, on the other hand, deals less with the creative end and more with care and deliberation, “Who is the target customer, and how do we make their experience a rewarding one?” are the key questions UX aims to answer. UX design focuses heavily on functionality, usability and user adaptability.


At brightlight, we specialise in Enterprise WordPress design and development. We deliver user-centric, flexible, secure and scalable installations of the world’s most popular CMS hosted on dedicated “WordPress friendly” servers ensuring unmatchable response times and page loads.

We develop all our own themes in-house and will design a theme around your exact requirements or specifications. We also develop advanced WordPress plugins that will work seamlessly within your WordPress site. Should your website or plugin require API integration, our in-house API specialists will be able to integrate the service within your site.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

An effective SEO strategy delivers a continuous flow of high-quality organic traffic to your site, where optimised content helps convert your visitors into customers.

With millions of daily online searches worldwide, it’s more important than ever that your website is found organically in search engines.

This is where our dedicated search engine optimisation expert can help…

We provide a range of SEO services from website audits, to developing a website strategy, implementing audit findings, website optimisation, content audit, planning & writing, regular in-depth analysis and progress updates.

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Content Writing

You know your business better than anybody else. But can you write about it to engage, intrigue and bring in new customers?

At brighlight, we specialise in content writing, whether it’s a new or existing website, a content refresh, or new products and ideas being launched and developed, we’re here to take away the hassle and worry while you concentrate on your business.

Our professional content writing service consists of face-to-face meetings to learn all about your business and detailed competitor research to see what keywords you want to target and rank highly for.

We’ll then write your content to give your website the best opportunity to be found in the highly competitive online space.

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Innovation out of the box

We’ll guide you through the software development process, from concept to launch, providing the technical skills and expertise to ensure your project completes on time and within budget.

Our iterative approach means you’re continually involved, helping shape and refine what we develop for you. This ensures the final product will do precisely what your business or organisation needs it to do.