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Digital Media

We produce corporate video, promotional media, aerial (drone footage), product demonstrations, explainers, events, property videos, animated text and infographics to deliver your message and tell your story.

Recent Video Projects

Here at brightlight, we take immense pride in the video content that we produce for our clients. Our expert team is passionate about creating the highest quality videos to help drive your business forward; whether it’s for TV advertisement, social media campaigns, company products, events or much more. Check out some of our recent video projects below.


Our expert in-house team create high-end videos for use in TV advertisement, promotional videos and social media campaigns. We can add 3D animation or advanced motion graphics to make you a video to be truly proud of. We have worked with large businesses to produce high-end promotional product videos used in advertisements around the world.

Commercial Video & Advertisement

Create national standard commercials & adverts for TV, web, social media, digital visual displays and in-store promotional screens.

Promotional Video

An excellent way of marketing the launch of a new product or service; these are shot by our highly experienced in-house promotional specialists.

Product Video

Demo videos are a great way of creating eye-catching content while highlighting features and benefits of your products.

Events Video

Capture and showcase the best moments from your latest event, highlight your organisation and the people who comprise it.


A fantastic way to address your audience is with an intimate and engaging interview video, used internally or for marketing purposes.


A concise instructional video replaces the need for printed manuals for induction, saftey proceedures or company policies.

Motion Graphics

Looking for a means to convey your message in an effective way that sets you apart from the competition? Motion graphics will give your message that extra push, allowing the audience to both understand and engage with it. With us you will find everything… snappy text animation, subtle web animation, 2D flat art animation and full on 3D motion renderings – giving you every means of charming your audience and giving them that wow factor.

Logo identifier

Animated logo identifier used to introduce and brand video content for web and social media.


Create new content or amend existing content by compositing brand assets into a single motion graphics sequence.

Animated infographics

Use engaging and dynamic motion graphics to communicate a message or easily explain complex content on mass.

Lower thirds

Organisations use on-screen text in the lower third of the screen to introduce names, highlight products or focus on services.

Motion tracking

Motion tracking is a more dynamic way of using lower thirds by tracking the text to an object on the footage; such as a product or person.

3D Animation

We produce crisp, clean animations of 3D models that are rendered in a variety of environments and lighting conditions.

Recent Photography Projects

We cover every part of your photography projects to help your business’s media content output for social media and website.

Declan Sexton & Sons - Headshots, promotional and product photography.

Kiltorcan Raceway - Promotional Photography

Suirside Construction Ltd - Headshots and promotional photography.

ELC Laser Group - Promotional photography

Padmore & Barnes - Product and promotional photography

South East House and Home - Event photography

Photography Services

Our professional photography studio serves as a backdrop for product, portrait or personal photoshoots. We travel to any location of your choice to capture your vision in the best possible light. We will then carry out extensive post-production to ensure your images meet your needs. The images can be optimised for multiple formats such as print, magazine, online or for use as stills within a video


We will shoot your products in our professional studio and create the image environment that best suits your vision.


Perfect for promoting your business or services on social media platforms for your marketing campaign.


Offer your viewers a unique insight into your property; offering video tours and high-quality imagery. We will utilise one of our drones to capture architectural and ordinance footage.

Documentary Photography

We can shoot documentary photography internally at our studio or at a specific location of your choice. We can also help to storyboard your idea.


Personal headshots or portraits introduce your team to clients and customers.

Aerial / landscape

Aerial shots are a great addition to any land portfolio. We can also highlight images where necessary.

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